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The main purpose of this forum is to get free games by sharing/trading them with forum members without the game that you give!
There is a trick that allows that as a result of getting tons of games free!

More information here

How to post an offer

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How to post an offer

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 10, 2016 9:07 pm

Hi guys.
Here you can post offer for game trading with the trick.
If you dont know with the trick you can share games read this topic:
or watch this video:

Example topic on Game Share trading:
You must give a detailed title about your offer..example titles:
Offering Cod: mw3 for Gta V
Offering a list of games for Gta V
Offering Gta V for other games
Need Gta V offering list of games(you choose one)

Inside the topic you put information etc.

Thank you,

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